Civil Support


Crossby Dewar Inc. has extensive experience in civil construction ranging from simple tasks, such as concrete pads, to installation of facilities and erecting buildings. We have often assisted our client with their engineering requirements and developed coordination plans to drastically accelerate construction schedules, such seen during the Bruce A Refurbishment and West End Complex phases A, B, and C.


Crossby Dewar has been responsible for civil maintenance of many projects, including the Pickering A Refurbishment, the on-going Bruce A Refurbishment, and OPG outages. Crossby Dewar has been successful at preventing delays, labour unrest and health and safety issues. We are responsive to our client's needs, assisting in budget preparation and cost reducing strategies, as well as providing progress reports to track cost and budget performance.


Crossby Dewar offers a wide range of civil support services including the following:

  • Concrete Forming, Shoring, Concrete Placement of Foundations
  • Brick & Block Installation/Removal
  • Excavation
  • Transportation Services
  • Material Handling
  • Warehousing
  • Site Support Services
  • Painting and Sandblasting
  • Office Renovations
  • Temporary Power <600 volt
  • Janitorial Services
  • Water Delivery
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